Dermal Fillers 

Lip Enhancement

HA Fillers are highly purified and engineered "sugar matrix" gels. Hyaluronic acid exists naturally in our bodies and skin. New advances in HA Fillers have greatly improved their duration of effect and flexibility of usage. "Cross -Linking" technology has improved the lifting power of these fillers giving a real alternative for clients unwilling to undergo more expensive and invasive surgical procedures.


HA Fillers are non-permanent, but current products can last greater than 12 months in some cases, though this will vary. HA fillers can also be reversed if required.

HA (Hyaluronic Acid) Dermal Fillers are the latest technology employed by cosmetic practitioners to correct and improve 'static' or permanent wrinkles and folds, and restore volume to the facial area

As we age we lose volume in many areas of our face , resulting in the tell tale signs of depressions, folds and wrinkles . These changes are not improved by Botulinum Toxin ("anti-wrinke") injections.